Entry Guidelines

■Award Categories (five categories in total)

Leather Division:

(1) Shoes / (2) Bags / (3) Belts & Suspenders / (4) Small Leather Items

Fabric Division:

(5) Hats

*Entries to the Leather Division must include some leather in their design.
*All categories are open to designs for men or women.
*Examples of “Small Leather Items” include mainly products for holding or covering items, and that could be found for sale in wallet or stationary departments (with the exception of accessories such as earrings, rings, bangles, and necklaces) such as wallets, coin purses, cases for pens, commuter passes, keys, or mobile phones, pouches, and stationary, etc.


Anyone interested in the design of ZAKKA (fashion goods)(Both professional and amateur designers welcome)


All entries must be received by 6PM JST on Monday, September 30th, 2019
(Entry period will begin on Sunday, September 1st, 2019)

■Entry Guidelines

For Entries to either Leather or Fabric Divisions

1. Design illustrations must be unpublished.*
2. Any design found to be an imitation, even after winning a prize, will be disqualified.
3. Designs must be able to be productized. Materials, shapes, and parts are restricted to those able to be processed. Non-leather materials (e.g. metal, plastic) for which special processing is required are not acceptable.
4. Any characters, brand names, or other marks that could identify the entrant are unacceptable.

For Entries to the Leather Division

5. Taito City is one of Japan’s leading production locations for leather goods. Therefore, leather most be included in at least a portion of the design.
* “Unpublished” refers to a design that has not been productized or entered into any other competitions.

■How to Enter

Complete and submit the required sections on the entry form found on the website within the entry period.

■Design Illustration Guidelines

Use colored designs (CG and/or photo OK) on B4 size paper.
*Please provide detailed information about the colors, materials, measurements, and shape used. You may attach this separately from the design illustration.
*When submitting multiple designs, please attach a design concept for each individual design.

■Entry Form

Be sure to complete all sections of the form.
They will also be available for download from the website during the entry period.
Entry forms are distributed at various academic institutions and at the Taito Fashion ZAKKA Fair Office.

Entry form


Designers of mintdesigns
Representative Director of Office Camoshita Co.,Ltd.
Creative Advisor of UNITED ARROWS, LTD.
Business Unit Division 1
Buyer of Men’s Goods at MATSUYA GINZA main branch
Operating Officer at BEAMS Co., Ltd.
Senior Creative Director of BEAMS Creative Laboratory “HALS”
Manufacturers in the Taito City area

■Judging Criteria

・Is the design creative?
・Is the design original?
・Is the design practical?
・Is the design highly-marketable?


Grand Prize

Awarded to one design from all categories
¥300,000 in prize money and one product sample

First Prize

Awarded to one design from each category
¥50,000 in prize money and one product sample
*The category from which the Grand Prize is selected will not award a First Prize.

Judge’s Prize

Awarded to one design per guest judge (except the MATSUYA GINZA buyer) from among the prize-winning designs
¥30,000 in prize money


Awarded to one design from all categories by a MATSUYA GINZA buyer
Productized for plans to be sold at MATSUYA GINZA


Awarded to three designs from each category
¥10,000 in prize money

■Award Announcement

Primary & secondary screenings:

November 2019
*Only the finalists in each screening will be notified of the results via email or letter.

Award ceremony:

Planned for late November or early December 2019, in Taito City
*Only finalists will be notified of the details by email or letter
at a later date.


1. Submitted entries will not be returned for any reason. They will be disposed of under strict supervision upon completion of the competition.
2. Copyrights pertaining to submitted entries shall be attributed to the Taito Fashion Fair Committee.
3. Prize-winning designs may be productized. In such cases, the Taito Fashion Fair Committee shall determine the terms and conditions of any such sales.
4. No personal information in our possession will be used for purposes other than the 30th Fashion ZAKKA Design Competition.

■Send entries and inquiries to:

Taito Fashion ZAKKA Fair Office
c/o Oasis Styling Co., Ltd.
7-3-6 Asakusa, Tatematsu Bldg. 2F ROOM 4 Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0032 JAPAN
TEL: (+81)-3-6802-3057 FAX: (+81)-3-6802-3503
Form: http://kaos-agency.sakura.ne.jp/tfz/contact/
*Past winning entries may be seen at the archive above