The 34th Fashion ZAKKA Design Competition Application Information

Taito City boasts major tourist attractions as Ueno and Asakusa. Meanwhile in Taito City, there exist many local manufactures of ZAKKA; general merchandise and knick-knacks such as genuine leather items and hats. The 34th Taito Fashion ZAKKA Design Competition is an award program with over 30-years history honoring the excellence for designing from amongst approximately 3,000 entries every year.  Winners will be awarded by the external judging panel of leading professionals in the field.  Entries are open now and your entry is your tool to publicize, promote your good designs marking a new epoch of Fashion ZAKKA.


■Categories :

Genuine Leather Category:

  1. 1 Shoes
  2. 2 Bags
  3. 3 Belts & Suspenders
  4. 4 Wallets & Accessory Cases
  5. 5 Leather Innovation*

Fabric Category:

  1. 6 Hats


Genuine leather should be used as the main fabric.
Anybody and everyone interested is welcome, regardless of gender.
Wallet & Accessory Cases refers to wallets, purses, pencil pouches, card holders, and other items you put something in, or items used to hold/contain something.
*5 Leather Innovation Category
This category is designed to offer a prize to the best, innovative cutting edge idea that goes beyond the framework of categories listed above. If your design can not be categorized into either category but meets certain criteria stated below, you are welcome to apply for this new category.

The design of innovative leather item should meet requirements below;

  1. 1.Genuine leather should be used as the main fabric.
  2. 2.Design for the leather ZAKKA item does not fit to above-mentioned categories.
  3. 3.Wide distribution channels are available for promotions of the item designed.


Entry is open to all, especially those who are interested in ZAKKA design, irrespective of professionals and amateurs.

Call for Entry :

Friday, September 1, 2023 ~Saturday, September 30, 2023, 23:59 JST

How to Enter:

Entries may only be made online. Complete entry form posted on our HP and return by entry closing date.

■Terms & Conditions of Entry:

Common Agreements (for both Genuine Leather and Fabric categories):

  1. 1.Entry design must be new, original, and an unpublished work. Award-winning designs, commercialized designs are not admitted.
  2. 2.In case of counterfeit work, winning prize will be withdrawn.
  3. 3.Design must be feasible in terms of commercialization process and manufacturing. Provided that, fabrics, material, shapes, parts and pieces used and applied to the design should be suitable for the purpose of commercialization process. Any other materials as metals, plastics requiring special processing should not be used.
  4. 4.Any indicative images such as logos, characters, brands that can indicate the applicant are not allowed.
  5. 5.Taito City is the leading leather-manufacturing district of Japan. For that reason use of genuine leather as the main fabric is recommended.

■Design Requirements:

Upload your design/designs in PDF format, colored. Both CG’s and photos are accepted.
*Details on colors, materials are requisite. Attach additional text for details.
*Entries will be assessed by a panel of judge on item by item basis rather than brand basis. Multiple entries are required if you wish to apply plural design works. A separate entry form is required for each submission.


The ¥750,000 prize and benefits will be shared across 6 groups under 2 categories.

Grand Prize

Selected from among all entries and rewarded to a single design. The winner will receive a prize of ¥200,000.

Best Design Prize

Rewarded to one design per category group. The winners will receive a prize of ¥50,000 respectively.The category with Grand Prize winner will be exempt from this prize.

Judge’s Prize

Selected from among awarded entries, and every single judge selects one design to be rewarded. The winners will receive a prize of ¥30,000 respectively. Judge representing Matsuya-Ginza will be excluded from the judges’ list.

Matsuya-Ginza Prize

Selected from among all entries and rewarded to a design selected by a buyer representing Matsuya-Ginza. Entitled to merchandise right under assumption of sales at Matsuya Ginza.

Outstanding Design Prize

Rewarded to 3 designs per category group. The winners will receive a prize of ¥10,000 respectively.

Benefits to Winners:

Collaborations with manufacturers in Taito City

(for Grand Prize and Best Design Prize winners only)

With collaborations with manufactures in and around Taito City, you will be entitled to experience actual sample making process based on your design. Challenges to communicate your ideas to manufacturers and to select the best possible material and finishing touches from among numerous options will offer you a precious experience on product development process.

■Screening Process:

Guest judges representing fashion industry as well as a panel of judges consisting of approximately 30 judges from ZAKKA manufacturers and distribution companies in Taito City and its vicinity will select the prize winners through the 1st and the 2nd screenings.

The 1st & the 2nd Screenings : October 2023 ~ November 2023

We will inform those who pass each screening by e-mail. Notice would not be given in case application is declined.

Award Ceremony:

Award Ceremony scheduled in December 2023 in Taito City.
Those who passed the 2nd screening will be notified by email and each award-winning design will be announced in the ceremony.

Guest Judges:

List of Guest Judges to the 33th Taito Fashion ZAKKA Design Competition is as shown below:

Hokuto KATSUI , Nao AGI
Designers, mint designs

Representative Director, Office Camoshita Co., Ltd.  / Creative Advisor, UNITED ARROWS, LTD.

Buyer of Men’s Goods at MATSUYA GINZA main branch

Professor, Department of Business Management, EDOGAWA UNIVERSITY / Executive Director, BEAMS Co., Ltd.

Evaluation Criteria:

  1. 1.Concept of the design, sophisticated artistry, functions and features of the design are clearly communicated.
  2. 2.Creativity and originality.
  3. 3.Finished good of the design is practical for use and meets daily needs.

Other Remarks:

  1. 1.By entering the competition you agree all entries become the property of the Executive Committee of Taito Fashion Fair and are non-returnable.
  2. 2.Winning entries may be commercialized and Executive Committee of Taito Fashion Fair reserves all rights for the terms of sales.
  3. 3.Other than for the purpose of the 34th Taito Fashion ZAKKA Design Competition outlined above your personal information will not be shared.
  4. 4.Winners may be invited to participate in our survey scheduled in a few years after winning the prize. Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation.
  5. 5.The 33nd Taito Fashion ZAKKA Design Competition Application Information has been prepared in May 2022 and may be subject to change due to certain circumstances such as health crisis situation.


Taito Fashion ZAKKA Fair Office
Email:  info★ ※Replace ★ with @

Entry to Taito City Fashion ZAKKA Design Competition starts on September 1, 2023.
Register and upload your design!