※FASHION ZAKKA is accessory and goods that Shoes / Bags / hat, cap, headgear / belt, suspender / leather goods.

※TAITO is famous city in Japan for the industry of fashion accessories.
 There are many factories and creators,and their products are in high repute.
Shoes / Bags / hat, cap, headgear / belt, suspender / leather goods (ex. wallet, coin case, pen case, key case, pouch, stationeries, etc. )
※Either Mensand Ladies are applicable
Any person who is interested in fashion accessory and goods (can apply professional)
■Application Period
※We have closed Enty. Thank you.
Sept. 1, 2012 (Sat) – Sept. 30 (Sun)
※no later than 6 p.m. (JPN standard Time)
■When to send works
TAITO FASHION ZAKKA FAIR Administration Office
c/o Oasis Styling Co., Ltd.
#301 Jingumae Forest Bldg., 4-1-20, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
1. Limited to the unapplied work. Disallow photos.
Disallow the collaboration of 2 or more people.
2. Cancel the prizes in case the work is determined as mimics.
3. Design should be able to commercialized product.
Materials, form, parts should be processable.
Disallow any special materials (metal, plastics, etc., except leather) which special processing is required
4. Disallow to put any logo or marks that may identify the character or brand of the applicant.
5. Limited to 5 works per person.
6. All works are not returnable.
7. All the design works’ property rights will be shifted to TAITO Fashion Fair Committee.
8. Works of the Grand Prix & the 1st Prizes may consider commercialization.
The condition of the commerce transaction shall be determined by TAITO Fashion Design Fair Committee.
■How to submit
Attach the application form on the back of the design drawing and send to the administration office.
Application will be accepted by the school as 1 unit.
Size B4, Colored (Computer Graphic acceptable), Describe the specific point of the materials and design.
【Application sheet】
※We have closed Enty. Thank you.
Fill in all the categories of the form. Form is available at the school and the TAITO FASHION ZAKKA FAIR office. Possible to download from the HP ( the application period.
Application sheet(PDF)
Application sheet(Excel)
Grand Prix : 1 item among all categories / \300,000 JYEN, plus 1 sample product (may consider commercialization), plus 1 Intuos5 touch M /PTH-650/K0 professional pen tablet
Intuos5 touch M /PTH-650/K0
1st Prize : 1 item from each categories / \50,000 JYEN, plus 1 sample product (may consider commercialization)
Jury’s Special Prize : 1 item among all categories / \50,000JYEN
Winning Prize : 3 items from each categories / \10,000 JYEN
Yasuto KAMOSHITA / Creative Director, United Arrows Co., Ltd.
Hiroko TAKAHASHI / Artist, President, HIROCOLEDGE Co. Ltd.
Kazuyoshi MINAMIMAGOE / Senior Creative Director, BEAMS HALS
Susumu HIROTA / General Manager, Lifestyle Magazine Editorial Office, Shogakukan Co., Ltd.
■Screening criteria
*The work which can be commercialized and with rich sensibility and imagination
*The work which is truly original and incomparable
*The work which is functional and full of practical
*The work which can be introduced in the market on a commercial bases
*Leather must be used (excluding hat, cap, headgear category) in some parts of the work (Taito-ward is famous for the leather products)
TAITO FASHION ZAKKA FAIR Administration Office
TEL:03-5474-3235 FAX:03-6447-1416
We do not use it other than the purpose such as identity verification,inquiry communication and sending other invitations.the personal information had you fill out an application forms.